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Smash and wings restaurant is conveniently situated in Bushey serving only fresh grass-fed angus beef smash burgers, buttermilk chicken burgers and a selection of wings in our phenomenal in-house sauces!!


Smash and wings have EVOLVED the burger game to a whole new level by smashing our way firmly onto the uk’s burger scene!

We only use fresh (never frozen) grass fed organic Angus Beef that is locally sourced from our ethical Halal suppliers. Our organic partners blend a special mix to our exacting standards using the finest cuts of rib, brisket and chuck in just the right amounts to create the perfect favourite profile for every burger connoisseur.


Our Smash burgers come standard as 2 x 3oz patties, each precisely SMASHED into a searing hot grill until they develop a golden brown crust, this process activates the Maillard reaction to deliver that ULTIMATE flavour signature of a perfectly cooked smash burger. Our beef patties contain ZERO fillers or ingredients other than salt and black pepper!

We offer 4 varieties of Smash burgers with each one being a masterpiece in its own right and each one cushioned between a super soft Martins Potato roll (IYKYK). For those not in the know, a Martins Potato Roll is no ordinary burger bun, it is in fact the epitome of bun/roll/baps and synonymous with elite level Smash Burgers….this legendary bun has to be imported at great difficulty from the US but as our customers regularly testify ‘this is the best burger I have EVER had’!

Are the Wings
any good?


It all starts with great fresh ingredients sourced from local, reputable, Halal suppliers. Our deliveries are inspected, thoroughly cleaned and butter milked before they are coated in our secret recipe in-house breading before they are double fried for a perfectly crispy coating yet tender and juicy bite!


Our wings come in a variety of 8 flavours, each flavour made in-house to our unique blends which have been perfected to dazzle and delight every diner and keep you coming back for more!

Is there anything else
good on your menu?

For those wanting a different choice, we have buttermilk chicken burgers in 5 different options, boneless bites available in 8 incredible flavours, a growing list sides to lick at and an amazing selection of Vegan delights to keep you craving to come back again and again!

For those with a sweet tooth we have super thick ice cream shakes in 4 flavours and a selection of desserts that will give you heart palpitations (in a good way, of course)!


So what is the Smash
and Wings way?

It’s very simple actually, we only use high quality, fresh ingredients and use precise cooking techniques to create food that really delivers flavour and creates a lasting memory on your minds palette. Our vision was more than just to make a buck by filling hungry bellies, our vision was to exceed the expectations of every customer on every visit, time after time!




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  • wednesday 17:00 - 22:00
  • thursday 17:00 - 22:00
  • friday 17:00 - 23:00
  • saturday 17:00 - 23:00
  • sunday 17:00 - 22:00


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